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How to Bantu Knot Out- Naptural85

While this is late Happy belated New Year!!!!!! While the weather may or may not be on your side, there is one thing that can always look awesome in any weather, your hair. I recently tried this hairstyle and while it didn’t come out quite as tightly curled it came out loose, but gorgeous. I will be attempting again just to see if I can perfect my technique. Enjoy another awesome video from Naptural85 below.


My Natural Sistas-Curly Twist Out Tutorial: Heart-Shaped Hair for Valentine’s Day

Hair is a big deal, especially for special occasions, and Valentine’s Day is no different. Whether you want to make your spouse, significant other, or crush say wow, your hair will be a large part of it along with some chic Jigistylez eyewear. The link below is a great hair style for any day of the week and the upcoming holiday. A nice twist out always brings a nice pop to your outfit. Check it out and enjoy.

My Natural Sistas-Curly Twist Out Tutorial: Heart-Shaped Hair for Valentine’s Day

Naptural85- The Confetti Hair Bun

While I am posting for Valentine’s Day, but this type of cute and fun style can be used for any party event and they greatest thing is you can play around with it. Naptural85 is one of my favorite natural hair Youtubers because she is so funky and outside the box and I have growing in my natural hair journey watching her. So enjoy this video, linked below, adopt it, create your own spin, and so on, but enjoy the creativity and get festive.

Naptural85- The Confetti Hair Bun


10 ways to tie a silk scarf

First was the seven ways to tie an infinity scarf, now I have another video from Youtuber: Naptural85, here to help you not get into a rut of tying a scarf. It’s Fall so its time to be comfortable, warm, and stylish. Check out the video below:


How many ways can you tie an Infinity Scarf?

So you bought an Infinity Scarf, but you are tired of wearing it around your neck. Well, this Youtuber, Naptural85, below, along with many others, has ideas on creative ways to wear these scarves. Hopefully this video will inspire you to create your own way of wearing an Infinity Scarf. Happy shopping!