Alessia Cara- Scars to Your Beautiful

I hope every young girl, young lady, and woman knows how beautiful she is. I hope you know your worth. I hope you know you’re precious and a priceless gem, no matter what others say.


DIY Valentine Day Ideas

Unsure about what to get your valentine or how to ask your valentine out? Money tight and you just don’t have enough to get an extravagant gift? Well we got you covered. While Valentine’s Day is more than two weeks away, you can never be too prepared. We at Jigistylez know the importance of showing love to those you care about, so we will be linking a few videos we feel are great gifts for this affectionate holiday, without breaking your pockets. First video up is by Youtuber Jessica Reid, step by step instructions with beautiful presentation. Check out the video below and enjoy. Don’t forget we got you covered.


 Hello all,

Although we have had some trying moments our belief and trust in our lord has over shined through it all. He has shown his presence and has been working his miracles through Miss Miyah. She is remaining strong and continuing her fight for freedom. Damiyah has been able to show her strength and we know that is not just of her ability but by the grace of God and his spirit that lives within her.

My family and I are grateful for all the prayers and continued support that you all are giving us and would like to simply say THANK YOU!

“Be Still and Know That I Am God” psalms 46:10

“In Miyahs’ world we live against ALL odds”
#WarriorPrincess #GodsGift ¬† -Kadisha Telemaque (MIYAH’S MOTHER)

Please click on this link to donate or even to send encouraging messages to Miyah.

We believe in the Power of Prayer.

Song of the week: Stupid Girls by Pink

Pink has always been a rebel with her looks and style but this video showed how much she cared about the esteem of women and girls everywhere. Do you need to be a stupid girl to get a guys attention? To be popular? To fit in? To receive male attention? No all you have to do is be you and everything will fall into place. Free yourself from the chains of societies small box for what it means to be a woman or a girl and strike out, I don’t wanna be a stupid girl.

Raise self-esteem month

I believe not enough young girl’s and women, especially, are being told how beautiful they are. A nice compliment costs nothing and can raise the spirit of a totally stranger or family member. We all walk through life putting our best face forward, but we can also hide a lot of hurt.This month of August will be raise self-esteem month, where each day is a day to compliment a young girl or woman. So take the time to shower someone with a compliment and see how it feels.

Happy Raise self-esteem month and know that you are beautiful inside and out.