Hello all,

Although we have had some trying moments our belief and trust in our lord has over shined through it all. He has shown his presence and has been working his miracles through Miss Miyah. She is remaining strong and continuing her fight for freedom. Damiyah has been able to show her strength and we know that is not just of her ability but by the grace of God and his spirit that lives within her.

My family and I are grateful for all the prayers and continued support that you all are giving us and would like to simply say THANK YOU!

“Be Still and Know That I Am God” psalms 46:10

“In Miyahs’ world we live against ALL odds”
#WarriorPrincess #GodsGift   -Kadisha Telemaque (MIYAH’S MOTHER)

Please click on this link to donate or even to send encouraging messages to Miyah.

We believe in the Power of Prayer.


One thought on “CURE FOR MIYAH

  1. If i am reading this correctly is new years eve Miyahs birthday RIP you beautiful Angel. To her family and her incredible mother my heart goes out to you. I only found out about this on Christmas Day, and I can’t get it out of mmy mind. I have shed many tears over this. I can only say that this Angel went to heaven as loved as any child could ever be loved. She went to heaven with a smile on her face. Kadisha her mother deserves so much admiration for being an incredible mother. If there was an award-winning mother of the year she deserves it. God Bless you and your family

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