Winter Beauty

Alright winter is back and it’s here with vengeance, lol. While the leaves changing color is beautiful and some enjoy the cold breeze that passes, the truth is winter is stripping us of moisture. Think about it, you exit the shower, lotion your body, and, if you are like me, about an hour later your skin doesn’t feel as moisturized as it did before. So below are a few well moisturizing products, I use, to keep  moisturized.

1.) Shea Butter

This is not a block of yam or yellow custard dried up. This thing of beauty is not only organic, but very healthy and moisturizing. It leaves your skin feeling soft, which is helpful if you suffer from dry skin. Another benefit is it can be mixed with other ingredients like oils, scents, and other lotions. You can find recipes online and you can use it for your hair. So not only does it have natural benefits it can also save you money.

2.) Eucerin

My buddy and pal after Shea Butter is Eucerin. Depending on the dryness of your skin you can use a light moisturizer or a heavy one. I’m all for going heavy during the winter,the heavier the better. So anything between Smoothing Repair and Original is for me. You can expect it to range from $7 on up, unless you have coupons or know a really great place. However, before using this product check out this website: Eucerin Side Effects to determine if this is for you.

3.) Dove Soap

Nothing is more important than the type of soap you use. While I am now a fan of dove, I wasn’t always singing its praises. Now, I find it to be a nice soap for me no matter the season. However, be prepared to feel like you still have soap on you even when you don’t.

So drop me a line of the products you use for the winter to help lock in moisture and keep your skin smooth. Happy winter folks, stay warm and moisturized.


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