What is Fashion?

Fashion can be another word for expression, when you pick out your outfit you’re telling the world what you like, some people say who you are, but that can also be subjective. Think about your favorite color, is it the only colors you wear or do you try to find other colors that go along with it?

I believe in the saying “Fashion is subjective,” because of how personal fashion is. If you look at the runways, high fashion magazines or even TV, most time these designers are creating what they like. Whether these fashions are agreed upon as universal, or what have you, it still all begins with one person’s taste and imagination.

The color Black is as universal as anything and at one point nothing was hotter than Black and White, but somewhere along the line you got: Pink and Black, Green and black, Red and Black, Orange and Black, Yellow and Black, and so on. All these were started by a person, who just, probably, weren’t feeling the checker board look anymore.

So what is fashion to me? I’m glad you asked. Fashion to me is you, us, and we. When you wear yours clothes you can change up who you want to be, you can the corporate professional wearing conservative clothes and accessories, at a night out on the town you can become the edgy party scene stealer with flair and bright colors. You can be the artistic type with spiked out sunglasses or an assortment of rings on your fingers.

Fashion is the ability to share parts of yourself, your, taste, and expression with the world around you. If you don’t believe me check inside your closet, look through your eyewear collection, and your accessories, even your purses and scarves and tell me if you notice only one type of pattern of if you have different styles for every type of occasion. If you are like most people in this world you have more than one type of formal and casual wear.

So what is fashion to you? Feel free to leave your comment below about how you define fashion.


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